The Author

Terry Gulliver

Terry Gulliver was born in New Zealand in 1948, and grew up in a tiny drizzly village at the foot of an active volcano. After a desultory education he became a geologist with a mining company in Australia for a period, when he worked mostly in the less populous places (“the outback").

Subsequently he moved to Uppsala, seeking some form of civilization that would have him. He was led astray by Oktoberfests, Ouzo and women on beaches. Not quite finding Svea, he washed up in the US in 1978, working again as a geologist. In the late 1980s he went to grad school to become a hydrogeologist, a groundwater fixer. And a father, and if still a tad shy of that civilization, then at least responsible, as they say.

Gulliver now lives in Colorado, grumpy at the gradual loss of canoeing and fishing rivers to tourist corporations, and a profound pessimist, with a Save-the-World partner who deserves better.

Apart from sentimentally dabbling in the follies of his youth, Gulliver is an avid reader of the mistakes of others and an amateur blacksmith.

Willy Willy is in large part recapitulation of his adventures in Australia and Sweden, although the death of the hero is exaggerated, if anyone else thinks they recognize themselves they are almost certainly mistaken.